Junta de Directores

The purpose of the Board of Directors is to guide and uphold the mission of the Mississippi Hispanic Association (MHA) and to strengthen the capacity of the individuals and volunteers to serve the Hispanic www.isotretinoinonlinebuy.com community through the MHA. Board members server a three (3) year rotating term and meet five (5) times per year. The annual meeting is held on the last Saturday in May.

Esperanza Velásquez

As co-founder of the Mississippi Hispanic Association (MHA), Mrs. Velásquez served as the first MHA president and a Board Member for five years (1995-2000). Mrs. Velásquez currently serves as Chair of the Board and as fund-raiser for the “Run to the Latin Beat”… Read more

Elsa Baughman

Elsa Baughman, a co-founder of the Mississippi Hispanic Association, is currently the secretary of MHA. She was born in Venezuela and has been living in the United States since 1976. She received a master’s degree in Mass Communication from the University of Southern… Read more

Victoria Scantlebury

Victoria ha sido miembro de la d Asociación Hispana de Misisipi desde sus inicios.  Ha servido en varios cargos incluyendo Presidente, Coordinadora de Actividades Infantiles para el Festival Latino, y también ha sido bailarina y coreógrafa del grupo folclórico de la Asociación.  Victoria… Read more