Programa de Becas “Paco Rosales”

The Mississippi Hispanic Association (MHA) proudly presents the Paco Rosales Scholarship in memory of our dear friend, esteemed member, and role model, Paco Rosales, who served as MHA Vice-President, MHA President for three consecutive terms, as well as Latino Festival Chairman. He will long be remembered as one of the most endearing and dedicated members of our community.

The Paco Rosales Scholarship is one of the most rewarding projects this organization has undertaken.  MHA has created this program on the premise that education is the most empowering attribute for social, economic, and political mobility.  MHA wants to serve the educational needs of its members; therefore, the scholarship program aims to fulfill the MHA mission statement by helping students who wish to continue their education in any of the higher learning institutions in the state of Mississippi.  The program’s focus on college education is in response to the debilitating low number of Hispanics with college degrees.  Among minority groups, Hispanics are the most under-represented segment of the American population with a college degree.

The Paco Rosales Scholarship provides partial tuition for undergraduate students (including entering freshman) enrolled in any of the higher learning institutions in Mississippi.

Eligibility Requirements & Selection of Awardees

“Awardee” describes the student applicant who has completed the eligibility requirements and has qualified but not completed the process of confirming acceptance.  The awardee becomes a recipient when the verification process has been reviewed and approved by the Paco Rosales Scholarship Committee (PRSC).

Eligibility Requirements

  • Residency
    • The applicant must be a resident of the state of Mississippi for at least two (2) years prior the time of the application and initial claiming of the award.
    • The applicant must be of Hispanic descent.
  • Membership
    • The applicant must be a member of the Mississippi Hispanic Association prior to the scholarship application.
    • High School graduates, eighteen (18) years old or younger, must be a member through his/her parents at the time of the application.
    • College student, eighteen (18) years old or older, must be an individual member prior to the application of the scholarship.
  • Financial Need
    • The total household income for an awardee must fall within the guidelines set each year by the PRSC or the government.
    • Income may include:
      1. adjusted gross income reported to the federal government
      2. child support or alimony
      3. unemployment or disability benefits
      4. pension payments
      5. any public assistance
  • Age and gender
    • The MHA does not discriminate with reference to the age, gender, political orientation or religious belief of the applicant.
  • Application
    • The prospective awardee must request and fill an application that includes:
      1. transcript from high school, college or university
      2. letter(s) of recommendation from the community organization(s) the student has been actively working with in the state of Mississippi.
      3. a 300 (three hundred) word, typed essay stating how his/her education is going to benefit his/her Hispanic community in Mississippi as well as the community at large.
  • Proof of Eligibility
    • Proof of enrollment in one of the official junior colleges, college or university of the state of Mississippi.
    • A copy of the 1040 form of the Tax Return of either the applicant, parents or legal guardian.
    • A GPA of at least 2.8
    • A copy of a photo ID


Choosing of Awardee

  • Awardees will be selected according to the number of qualified applicants.
  • Eligibility is determined by confirmation of the information provided.
  • Failing to comply with one or more of the requirements will affect the odds of being awarded the scholarship.



  • The applicant or awardee will be notified immediately after selection by a letter of congratulations.


Requirements for Receiving Funds

  • If tuition has been paid, it is the responsibility of the college/university to draw up a refund check.
  • The award will be mailed directly to the school account of the recipient (no exceptions).
  • Each awardee must be enrolled in a junior college, college or university before he/she becomes a Paco Rosales Scholarship recipient.


Determining the Amount of the Grant

  • The recipient will be granted the minimum amount of five hundred dollars ($500) for the academic year.
  • The Paco Rosales Scholarship grant covers part of the student’s tuition and not other fees or costs.
  • The amount determined by the PRSC is divided in two semesters.


Renewal of Grants

  • Eligibility guidelines for continuing recipients are the same as for new applicants.  The student must re-apply and submit a new application including the appropriate information.


Paco Rosales Scholarship Committee (PRSC):

  • Mississippi Hispanic Association Board of Directors
  • MHA President
  • Project Director:  Esperanza Velásquez
  • Project Assistant Director:  Lizbeth Jimena Velásquez


Check List of Requirements

         1. Application*

         2. MHA membership

         3. High School transcript

         4. Proof of enrollment in any college or university

         5. GPA of at least 2.8

         6. Letter(s) of recommendation regarding community involvement

         7. 300 word essay

         8. Income Tax Return form 1040

         9. Photocopy ID

Download the PDF application (available with field forms).